Swallowing Stones Book Review

Swallowing Stones was a short book, but it was a great book. I read many books and they would normally last longer but i did enjoy Swallowing Stones. It had its twists and unexpected events ,but  i did manage to guess the ending a few chapters before it ended. You could see how the main character slowly changed his mind. I only wish the book was longer, but time flies when you’re having fun.

Genius Hour Blog Post 10-30-15

This will be really short because i’m writing this in between working on genius hour. I have not made any progress but, i have realized that using people i know as characters might have made this harder. I know what people would say and sometimes it’s not “school appropriate”.I haven’t put anything bad in it I just need to slow down and not have a lot of hate in it (because a lot of people use harsh words).