Swallowing Stones Book Review

Swallowing Stones was a short book, but it was a great book. I read many books and they would normally last longer but i did enjoy Swallowing Stones. It had its twists and unexpected events ,but  i did manage to guess the ending a few chapters before it ended. You could see how the main character slowly changed his mind. I only wish the book was longer, but time flies when you’re having fun.

Genius Hour Blog Post 10-30-15

This will be really short because i’m writing this in between working on genius hour. I have not made any progress but, i have realized that using people i know as characters might have made this harder. I know what people would say and sometimes it’s not “school appropriate”.I haven’t put anything bad in it I just need to slow down and not have a lot of hate in it (because a lot of people use harsh words).

Genius Hour Blog Post 10-23-15

I have made a little progress, but it is a little by far. I have a better idea  of what i’m going to do, i just need to start on the story and decide on (spoiler alert) the monsters. I don’t know if i’m going to do zombies, aliens, or alien zombies. It’s probably not going to be any of those, but i might get desperate. I do have some of the scenes decided on and they are very humorous so far. I haven’t changed my mind on the everybody dying thing, because it seems like the best way to wrap up a humor/horror. The more i think about it I feel like zombies are the way to go. This is what i’m thinking: Necromancers start raising the dead and everybody runs. Me and my group can’t leave for whatever reason and all the sudden aliens start invading and somehow the necromancer are stronger than the aliens and turn them into undead aliens and this is where the horror starts. That has horror, humor, sci-fi, and probably something else (fantasy).  I will have started making the actually movie by next time I write about it (hopefully). I do still have to figure out how i’m going to draw everything and get the dialogue in, so…